I found a new framework for science and then discovered that modern academic science is in a crisis.

Don't be misled by the colored chalk drawings, there is a serious scientific assessment going on here.

How come YOU didn't know this?

With a monopoly on 'scientific authority' Academia has buried it's failed models of fundamental science with much complexification, obfuscation, mathematics, and spin. The propaganda machine of Academia is the only part that works quite well, so the public is largely unaware of the problem. You are gullible, too. Here is one article on the crisis I just googled:  https://wakeup-world.com/2016/11/26/the-crisis-of-science-its-worse-than-you-think/ . There are many others.

How did this happen?

Human nature, and the operating principles of Academia made it happen. With a monopoly on a large flow of Government funded research and no accountability for results, modern Academics have become expert at defending long-obsolete science for it's funding value. The peer-review system then makes high reputations into tenured researchers, and scientific and intellectual incompetence now dominates the landscape of modern academic science. 

But what about all the great discoveries of modern science?

None of the models of modern science seem to survive close examination. At least, I can find none. The work of many independent scientists have shown this to be true. If you know who to ask, and what questions, you will find even many in academia who understand this, though they don't dare to talk about it. Academic science has become the arm of Government propaganda, and it seems to be getting worse. 

What about the Billions of funding for scientific research?

Mostly wasted.

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Meta analysis shows that 75% peer-reviewed research cannot be reproduced. That means it's false, nonsense, bullshit.

You can learn much more as I develop this site.

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