If you discover some new science, sooner or later you may feel a strong desire to publish the work 'for others to consider'. If you are an outsider to institutional science (independent) you may also be effectively excluded from conventional scientific journal publishing, and this is what happened to me. However, in the modern era we find ourselves able to self-publish in the form of ebooks, and even self-market the work on social media, and so that is what I have done.

In early 2017, two of the models of the new intellectual framework for science were more formally published on the Amazon Kindle platform (ebooks only); The new model of intelligence, and the new model of behaviour. I also took the time to publish a simple method for making ones own science models. 



Although I have promoted my scientific work on social media (mostly on LinkedIn till my account was restricted), not much in the way of intellectual or scientific acknowledgement has come from publishing these new models. Iignoring useful new scientific ideas is, after all, standard for Academia. Arthur Schopenhauer suggested in the 19th century that..."All truth goes through three stages; Firstly it is ridiculed. Secondly it is violently opposed. Finally it is accepted,...as obvious. But he left out being ignored, which is the most effective strategy of all.

Considering this history of science through the filter of 'a drive for mastery' model of the agenda of behaviour, I had independently concluded that "Other models of understanding are chronically marginalised, by experts in the current paradigm." Eventually this principle got framed as 'Giovanni's Rule', and now that I have become aware of it, I can see the behaviour everywhere and it seems as common as chips. Anyway it does much to explain the failures of modern academic science.

"Science progresses one funeral at a time." (Max Planck, 19th century physicist).