My story, or journey as a scientist starts around 1990 in New York City. While trying to improve my chess game, I 'accidentally' conceived a complete model of intelligence. 18 years later, in a similar kind of situation, I was trying to imagine the evolutionary purpose of play, and conceived of what later turned out to be a complete model of behaviour. Again, 'accidentally', or at least without intending to do so.

This time, I was unable to resist the obvious scientific importance of the new models, and intrigued by the notion that I had 'accidentally become a scientist', I began formally describing the concepts and process logic for both models, and within a week completed a 20+ page paper titled 'The Evolution of Mastery, Learning, and Play' (MLP). 



Within days of completing this paper my brain began exploding with new ideas. Two days later I conceived another important process and wrote another concept paper describing in detail 'The Evolutionary Origins of Brains', from Guts. Within a few months I began reading science books for the first time in my life. After two years I had further articulated models for the evolution of brains and Life, and then a model of energy. By the end of 2010 I had even combined the models into 'A New Framework for Evolutionary Biology'.  Sometime in the next three years I 'found another process' and then realised it was a model of consciousness. 

The models I've described 'seem to explain everything', seem to have no exceptions, and although they have not acknowledged my work publicly, in private conversation and emails many scientific experts have expressed great surprise and interest.

Most of these scientific models were discovered with virtually no scientific education on my part, most are simple enough for children to understand in minutes. And although none of this seems terribly plausible, not even to me, that's the quick and dirty version of my story. And I'm sticking to it.

 Here is another picture version of the history: